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March 21, 20221 min read


Word of the week: Streamline

Streamlining your business is all about reducing your workload, reducing errors, and being more efficient. This comes in the form of workflows and processes that are designed to avoid repetitive and redunant tasks in your business.

For example: I used to have to send individual email invoices every month to my clients. I wasn't using my Customer Management System to it's maximum capacity and once I took the time to dive deep into it, I can now automatically send invoice emails on certain days. Makes my life so much easier. In addition, I could also set up auto-payment for my clients and not have to worry about that at all!

So what tasks in your business are repetitive, redundant and consume your time and take you away from staying in your zone of genius?

Here are some areas of business that you may want to evaluate for maximum efficiency:

*Turning leads to clients

*Client processes and communications

*Order processes/ Shipping processes

*Communication processes (current and past clients)

*Money coming in and out

*Payroll and taxes

*Hiring processes

*Client and Team Onboarding processes

*Website reports/ analytics, updates, additions, product management, etc.

*Marketing and Social Media (Blogging, Emails, Podcasts, Videos, etc.)

For example: What is the process of onboarding a new client? From start to finish? If you wrote down that step by step process, now you have a workflow! And then next I'd hire an expert to evaluate this process and see if there are any steps that can be eliminated, delegated, or automated for maximum efficiency.

If you would like an audit of your business, processes and workflows, let's have a conversation!

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Elaine Turso

I am an intuitive Business Coach and Systems Integration Consultant, who offers Done For You services. I help 6-figure entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and service-based professionals create and implement new ideas in their business. Together, let's create a business that you are proud of. CEO of You Can Automate, my favorite thing to say is "I can do that for you"! Yes, I am the wizard behind the curtain. You’ll find me in my happy place creating the funnels, the workflows, the automations, the sequences, doing everything you need to feel like your business is organized, streamlined, optimized, and automated. When I'm done with your business, you don't need to babysit it any longer!

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