Holy Shit!

I (accidentally) made 100K +

in my business! NOW WHAT?


January 16th - 20th 2023

1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern

Holy Shit!

I (accidentally) made 100K +

in my business!


Learn the systems to reproduce 100k or more every time


January 16th - 20th 2023

1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern

You've likely heard the phrase "New Level, New Devil".

Becoming a 6-figure Entrepreneur creates a whole new list of challenges.

I know what's really stressing you out is "Can I replicate my 6-Figure + results in 2023"?

The answer is YES, YOU CAN... BUT... Do you have the Systems to Support it?

What every 6-Figure Entrepreneur needs:

  • A blueprint to replicate and scale your results in 2023... and take it up a notch!

  • A system that will Streamline, Optimize and Automate your Business (no more babysitting your business!)

  • How to keep up with all of the new clients you got in 2022, and a process to transition them to new services and products to maintain their progress.

  • A strategy to implement the new ideas you have for your business, even when you find yourself lacking the time and energy to do it yourself.

During this 5-day Masterclass,

Here's what you can expect:

DAY 1: OH Shit goals

Let’s take your goals up a notch, I'll teach you my goal setting strategy that is guaranteed to challenge you to see things in a fresh new perspective.

DAY 2: more time, more money

I'll share with you my Top Secrets to adding more time and more revenue to your business and the exact process you need to stay organized.

DAY 3: $100k in 1 hour

I'll share with you my exact workflow I use to convert leads into customers that generate $100k every year.

Day 4: BONUS!

i'll show you mine! (MY CRM that is)

Take a tour of how I've set up my CRM, and your mind will be swirling with possibilities for your business!

Day 5: BONUS!

hot seat coaching - by invitation only

Get in the Hot Seat with Elaine! By invitation only - I'll help you create a $100K + Strategy/ Plan of attack for your business!

What People are Saying...

"After Elaine's training, I was able to ditch the duct taped business systems I had and create one simple system that has saved me so much time and money!"

Denise Oster, Peak Performance Coach

What People are Saying...

"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to everyone and Elaine truly knows her content and can help make your life SIGNIFICANTLY easier and more automated!!!!"

Hi-D Bridges - Happy Honey Bees


your hostess

Elaine Turso, Systems Integration Consultant

Elaine "The Brain" Turso, is an Intuitive Business Consultant who offers strategy combined with done for you services so that her clients can stay in their zone of genius. Systems are her jam and she's not keeping them a secret!

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