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March 07, 20222 min read


Last week, I noticed that my word for the week was Proud. It kept showing up in everything I did, and in everything I talked about. It's because I had found the clarity around 'what I do' and 'how I help people'. You see, for the last year, I focused alot of my language around 'launching'. But the more and more I continued to help people, I realized that I am doing much more than just 'launching' their offers.... I'm helping entrepreneurs create a business that they can be proud of, by just giving it a little facelift. 

So I thought, why don't I bring the 'word of the week' into my weekly entrepreneurial life? So that's what I'm going to do. I've made a list of words that are in alignment for me and my goals. 

My first word is: INTENTION (Intentional, Intentionality, etc). 

When I think about the word intention, it's like my plan, my goal, but it feels DEEPER. Like it has more weight behind it, more purpose. It also feels more like paying closer attention. 

I found this quote about 'intention' that really resonated with me: 

"Intent alone is very powerful, because intent is desire without attachment to the outcome. Desire alone is weak, because desire in most people is attention with attachment." - Deepak Chopra

I'm a pretty goal oriented person, but I have to admit that I prefer using words like "Planned Accomplishments" or "Intentions" better than the word goals. It just feels more in alignment with how I feel about them. 

Okay, let's get to the good stuff.... How do I create more intention in my life this week? I'm going to focus on a few elements of life and then create intentions around each one. 

1. Time - My son is home this week from college on spring break. I want to be more intentional with my time and step out of the office more just to be with him, even if it's watching a movie. I can't get that time back, so I will pay more attention to our time together. 

2. Work - I have a workshop this week and a few clients to support this week, and I have one major accomplishment that I'd like to attain. Get my next event on the calendar << I can delegate this! 

3. Delegation - I have an assistant, which makes it easier to get a lot more things accomplished. My intention is to delegate this event to her, even though I'd like to do it, doing it could take time away from spending time with my son. Delegating this project is a boundary that I'm creating around the priority of my son. (See how that all works?) 

I'd love to hear what word of the week might be in alignment with your goals/accomplishments for the week? Leave a comment below and let me know! 

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Elaine Turso

I am an intuitive Business Coach and Systems Integration Consultant, who offers Done For You services. I help 6-figure entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and service-based professionals create and implement new ideas in their business. Together, let's create a business that you are proud of. CEO of You Can Automate, my favorite thing to say is "I can do that for you"! Yes, I am the wizard behind the curtain. You’ll find me in my happy place creating the funnels, the workflows, the automations, the sequences, doing everything you need to feel like your business is organized, streamlined, optimized, and automated. When I'm done with your business, you don't need to babysit it any longer!

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