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January 05, 20232 min read

What if I told you that the key to reproducing success in your business is a K.A.R.E.N? (And not the racist, 'I wanna speak to your manager' type of Karen...) 

"Key Automations will Reproduce your results and Elevate your Networth.”

Here's a truth-bomb. Before June of 2022, I was a living breathing hot mess express entrepreneur. You probably didn't know it, because I was really good at believing I actually had my shit together. 

My business was running me into the ground. I was growing so fast that I couldn't keep up with it all. One day, I opened up my bank account and said "OH SHIT, how did I make all of this money"? I accidentally made a shit ton of money in my business for the first time ever. 

Guess what question came next? Now what? How the hell do I do it again, but on purpose this time? 

My solution to scaling my business... SYSTEMS. AUTOMATIONS. OPTIMIZATION. WORKFLOWS. You know all of the things that make people's eyes roll into the back of their heads. 

I knew that in order to sustain my accidental success, I had to have a much better, solid foundation that would support my growth. 
The systems I did have were duct taped together. They didn’t integrate and automate as I had hoped they would. I was still doing tons of manual labor. 

What would it look like if you took control of your business? If you said “ENOUGH. This is not working for me anymore! It’s time to try something different!”

A while back a friend sent me this podcast with a great analogy she thought I would resonate with, and she was right. When we treat our business like a baby, it can not survive without our constant attention. It’s time to force it to grow the hell up and start supporting itself. 💥

Instead of focusing on creating another course, another program, another campaign, what if we worked on the “Behind the Scenes” of your business? The operations. The systems. What if we spent the time getting our shit together?

Fact: Support + Systems allowed me to scale... work less and make more! 

I’ll show you how to “Karen” your business by setting up a system that supports you, and is in alignment with your goals and dreams.

Register for our upcoming Free masterclass from Jan 16-20th 2023 at 1pm Pacific and I will show you HOW! 

Day 1: Oh Shit Goals - How I took my own goals up a notch and haven't looked back since 
Day 2: Secrets to adding more time and revenue into your business (without doing more) 
Day 3: Exact workflow I used to reproduce my first $100k in my business
Day 4: I'll show you mine (my CRM that is) 
Day 5: Bonus Day - Get in the Hot Seat and I'll help you create a $100k strategy for your own business. 

Register/ Learn More:

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Elaine Turso

I am an intuitive Business Coach and Systems Integration Consultant, who offers Done For You services. I help 6-figure entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and service-based professionals create and implement new ideas in their business. Together, let's create a business that you are proud of. CEO of You Can Automate, my favorite thing to say is "I can do that for you"! Yes, I am the wizard behind the curtain. You’ll find me in my happy place creating the funnels, the workflows, the automations, the sequences, doing everything you need to feel like your business is organized, streamlined, optimized, and automated. When I'm done with your business, you don't need to babysit it any longer!

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