80% of businesses do not have a written, consistent follow up strategy to convert leads and are losing thousands of dollars each day.


APRIL 1ST 2023

5 Events, Spread Throughout the Day!

In this challenge, you will learn the FOOLS Blueprint:

F - Frame your Offer to Attract Qualified Leads

O - Optimize your Follow Up Strategy and Nurture Pipeline

O - Organize your CEO Calendar and get more time back

L - Leverage your Time with Systems and Automations

S - Strategic Co-Working - Let's Get Shit Done Together and take Imperfect Action

9-10am PST


Learn how to attract qualified leads into your business, using Campaigns and Positioning your Offer.

11-12pm PST (Follow-up)

Learn the formula you need to Optimize your Follow Up Strategy, without feeling salesy or high pressure.

1-2pm PST (Calendar)

Learn a different way to Organize your CEO Calendar in a way that will give you more time to spend in your zone of genius.

3-4pm PST


Learn how to use Systems and Automations to avoid babysitting your Business. Invest time today to save tons of time tomorrow!

5-6pm PST


Let's take everything we learned today and take the time to create our next plan of attack. Taking strategic yet imperfect action, with the support you need.

Who this event is for:

  • You are a heart-centered, busy 6-figure+ entrepreneur who already knows what they are doing, you just don't have the time to create or implement a follow up strategy you know you need

  • You want more qualified leads knocking down your door

  • You want to build relationships during the follow up process

  • You can't add more to your plate so you delegate tasks outside of your zone of genius, like tech stuff.

  • You want to beat the odds and be in the 20% of other kick ass business owners

What every 6-Figure

Entrepreneur needs:

  • An offer to attract your target audience

  • A customized follow up strategy (without the ick factor) to attract the leads and to prevent them from choosing your competitor when it's time to buy.

  • A organized calendar that will help you buy back some of your time, in a new and refreshing way!

  • A system that will Streamline, Optimize and Automate your Business (no more babysitting your business all day!)

  • Someone to set it all up for you!

your hostess with the mostest

Elaine Turso, Systems Integrations Consultant

Elaine helps 6-figure plus entrepreneurs build consistent follow-up
strategies, put them on autopilot so that they can make more sales in their business, while they are sleeping (and of course spend more time with their family and watching re-runs of friends).

Elaine is a retired photographer (10-years) and began coaching other entrepreneurs in 2019. She founded her own software agency in June of 2022, giving her a unique advantage. Combining her 'Pop Rock' ideas with Business Consulting PLUS her Get Shit Done For You Services = The All-in-One package!

What People are Saying...

"After Elaine's training, I was able to ditch the duct taped business systems I had and create one simple system that automated my customized follow-up as well as save me so much time and money!"

Denise Oster, Peak Precision Coach and Real Estate Investor

"It was way above and beyond what I was expecting. It was packed with information, but not too much and not too little. Just the right mix. I really really enjoyed it. And it motivated me so much to stop wasting time on things that don't bring me joy but need to get done,that I hired a bookkeeper."

- Jane 2/14/23

"It was honestly great! The workbook was helpful (I'm a workbook type of person)" - Peggy 2/14/23


"I think all great info, you gave such a fabulous experience" - Kat 2/14/23


"Lots of great info, you are such a wonderful teacher" - Ruth 2/14/23

"The worksheets were awesome. Great content very understandable for me but I have an understanding of all this. It is a great value so just for comparison you should show what these other companies charge and how it's a great value." - Monica 2/14/23

"You reminded me of things I have forgotten to do with Follow Up. The Conversations sheet is priceless and I'm already using it!" - Valerie 2/15/23

"I think you’re an incredible teacher. I thought what you shared today was wonderful. I took a page full of notes."  - Robyn 2/14/23

"I was super impressed, Elaine!! I had a some great take aways1 Column. All and all you are really great!! You keep great energy even when you allow yourself to be challenged with people interacting during training. Full feedback.... The beginning was really strong with me scrambling to get all the info. I have never heard your THINK and wanted it all. Totally agree with the 4 ways of getting clients but haven't heard it that way, super helpful. Love the who... you could probably do a full talk on that if you haven't. Your CRM attracts me so much. I will be your client . Well if you will have me. I am starting to put forward a ton on hard core sales training that I have learned in the last 6 months. My team is awesome and we are still in rebuild this year with lots of innovation. Your info was spot on! I loved being a part of it. Your leaving money on the table is another area that could be covered in a 4 hour training. If I am being honest this is my specialty in the food business, 39% don't even know their numbers. I would think it is similar in other industries. I probably gave more feedback than wanted, but I want you to know that it was AWESOME info that every business should hear that wants to get better." - Gina 2/14/23

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