You pulled yourself up by your non-techy bootstraps to get to where you are.



In order to get to the next level, you need to uplevel the way you are presenting yourself online, by using technology. I’m here to help you give your business a FACELIFT using optimization, streamlining and automations.

Can you relate to Pam?

The Method


“Make it Easy for them”

Let’s evaluate how to make it easier for your customers to do business with you.


“If you’re looking at automation as a way to cut corners or avoid certain processes, your outlook is all wrong”.

Let’s use technology to improve your workflow.


“It’s not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to focus on less.”

Let’s polish your business and make sure you are set up with a solid foundation that will support the growth of your business.

Make it easier for people to do business with you!


Includes Checklist + Master Class + Google Doc + Profile Audit

  • Facebook Profiles and Pages
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Tik Tok
  • Google My Business
  • Website
  • Email Signature
  • YouTube
  • Networking Profiles
  • and more!

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It’s time to hire an experienced business consultant (who also provides Done For You services) to take those frustrating tasks off your plate and help you get your business to the next level.

How can I add value to your business?

Elaine Turso is an Intuitive Business Consultant, Launch Strategist, and Marketing Expert. After helping her clients turn their ideas into offers, she discovered the secret to developing and launching an offer in just one day!

Revamping your business doesn't have to take months, be overly complicated, or cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, 2 of Elaine’s signature programs help you revamp your business and launch an offer in as little as 14 days.

With her “Get Out of Your Own Damn Way and Get Shit Done” approach, Elaine puts her clients on the "accelerated path" to revamping your business and implementing new ideas. Her Speedy Launch System and Get Shit Done For You Services help you launch your idea quickly and scale to six-figures and beyond.

Elaine has developed, designed, and launched programs for some of the most amazing entrepreneurs who were feeling stuck and unsure how to get their idea out of their head and into action. She has worked with clients across industries including Interior Design, House Cleaners, Photographers, Life Coaches, Mindset Coaches, Preschools, Caregiving, Astrologers, Authors, Graphic Designers, and Web Developers.

Elaine is a retired photographer, mother to two grown children, and when she’s not helping clients, networking, or being interviewed on a podcast you can find her driving to her favorite coffee stand for a spiced chai latte.

FACE LIFT: Business Consulting + Done for You Services, Includes 1:1 Strategy Calls + Weekly Office Hours + Mastermind
* VIP Planning Day
* Landing Pages / Website Revamp
* Copywriting
* Graphics
* Content Creation
* Social Media Content
* Marketing Strategy
* Opt-In Design
* Automations
* CRM’s and CMS set up
* Done for you services on Retainer - Must have worked with Elaine previously, or have a current coach. You will need the support!
* VIP Strategy Day

* The 3 traits that every Successful Entrepreneur has
* How to create and repurpose content in alignment with your Dream Calendar
* Getting out of your own damn way
* How to not suck at selling
* How to stand out in your industry
* Overcoming Fear and Self Sabotage
* My favorite tools and resources for business
* How building a business is like building a house (or growing a garden)

Partnerships/ Collaborations: Right now I am really excited about the launching of the Dream Team Directory coming out in 2022. Email me at and I'll give you details about getting a free 3-month trial!
Clients: I have an opening for a client who is interested in REVAMPING their Business with a combination of Done For You Services and Consulting.

Systems you need to scale your business in 3-days August 29, 30, 31st 2022 Learn more here:

Download "Elevate your Online Presence" in the iTunes/ Google Play store! Get access to tons of free content to help you grow your business!


Many entrepreneurs DIY their businesses when they first start out because they are low on cash. They pieced their business together using all of the free services possible, not knowing that this strategy is not going to the support the growth of their business.

Not only does this method not support the growth of their business, but many entrepreneurs do not feel proud or confident about what they created. This in turn repels customers away from them.

When you are proud and positive about your business, you attract clients to you, like moths to a flame!


I will help you take the knowledge and theories you have already learned and help you implement the ideas so we can create the assets your business needs. Together, we will create a big idea that will make an impact and create the income you desire.


First, we create a rock solid foundation focused with the growth of your business in mind. We dive deep into your expertise and audience, we conduct market research and we create multiple offers that will attract your ideal audience. Using systems and technology will we build the assets that your business needs and then create a marketing and visibility strategy to push traffic and leads towards your offers.


Working with Elaine we can do it all for you, from Marketing to Automations, Content to Calendars, Events to Landing Pages, Copywriting to Opt-Ins, and everything in between! Everything under one roof so that you don't have to hire multiple people.

P.S. Ask about our All-In-One Business Suite Software!

What my clients have to say…

"I know many of you know this already, but Elaine Turso is a ROCKSTAR! I am in complete awe and just needed to shout out loud to all our Polka Dot sisters and make sure everyone knows how amazing she is! If you need a business coach, you can NOT go wrong with Elaine! She has gently, yet firmly handled all my excuses. She has taught me more in the last 6 months than I have learned in the last 6 years. And, she has walked me step by step through the things that my brain is not yet equipped to handle! I am now ready to start enrolling in my new learning center in Reno and I seriously couldn’t have done it without her! THANK YOU Elaine! For your time, for your brain, for your butt kicking, and for your friendship!"

- Founder of Limitless Agile Learning

"Working with Elaine has been truly incredible. I left my corporate design job to start my own business, knowing not very much about what I needed to do. After 4 years in, I realized it was time to level up. Business was good, but I was lacking in many foundational processes & systems. And little did I know, I needed very much to get out of my own way and have someone to hold me accountable. Establishing these foundational items was crucial but also has started creating a confidence in myself and my work. That is priceless. I would recommend Elaine in a heartbeat. She's one-of-a-kind with the most creative and original 'pop-rocks' brain I've ever met!"

Founder of - ShawnaLouCreative

“I am FOREVER grateful to have worked with Elaine and finally turn my business in my dream vision. She is 110% the coach for you to GET SHIT DONE! She takes the immediate action to identify the gaps that keep you stuck. Her knowledge, experience and creativity help you launch your program in a timely and cash producing way. When she says she will help you GET UNFUCKED, she means it! She is your no-nonsense mentor to guide you in a direction that aligns with your goals. She has the biggest heart and best intensions for her clients, it completely shows in her work. If it wasn’t for Elaine’s technical savvy and excellent marketing skills, I would still be down the rabbit hole. What you see in Elaine is what you get, pure RESULTS that are profit producing. Elaine will call you out and give you actionable steps towards building a better you while helping to craft your future vision of yourself and the life you want to live. I am so appreciative and count my blessings that we connected and became friends. You are amazing, talented, and beautiful inside and out. I can’t THANK YOU enough for all your hard and fabulous work. Thank you for caring about my vision so passionately as if it were your own. Xoxo”

— Denise Oster, Peak Performance Coach

Working with Elaine

Business FaceLift

Get the support of a Coach/ Consultant + Receive Done FOR You Services so that you can stay in your zone of genius and get your business optimized without the headache and overwhelm. We will also focus on launching any new offers/ideas. You’ll hear me say after we come up with your strategy: “Don’t worry, I’ll do that for you!” And then… Boom, It’s Done!

Set Up For Success

Whether you are just starting out in business, or you have DIY’d it to get where you are… You just want to do what you are good at, which is serving your clients. Don’t worry, we got you! Elaine can support you in getting all of the shit done to set your business up for success!


You and Me strategizing for your business as if it were my own! You’ll get a 12-month blueprint and step-by-step instructions on how to put it into motion!

What's Involved?

Everything we do is carefully designed to ensure that it is 100% in alignment with your goals, values and dreams. This means that before we get started, I have you dump everything in your brain so that we can get straight to work and not waste any time going over every detail. I begin auditing your online presence and make recommendations for improvement. I will also assess your current systems, programs and workflows to ensure streamlined optimization.

Once the plan of attack is finalized, and we have a strategy to give your business a “face lift”, I get started as soon as humanly possible.

We meet regularly in our 1:1 time, Office Hours and our Mastermind. I am with you every step of the way, even after your launch has been completed.



I share my thoughts about business tips, strategies, marketing and more in my blog!

Bitch & Brainstorm Podcast

I provide live coaching to people interested in getting unstuck in their business. We use my intuitive “Pop Rocks” and see what ideas come to the surface!

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